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SolarCity to begin production of >22% efficient PV modules this month

Calling it the world’s most efficient rooftop solar panel, the company says it will produce PV modules with greater than 22% efficiency at a pilot facility.


SolarCity likes to be number one. The company already hasby far the largest share of the U.S. residential solar market. It was also the first to securitize portfolios of rooftop solar assets. Not satisfied, it then went on to start work on the largest PV module factory in the Western Hemisphere at 1 GW of annual production.


Today, SolarCity announced that it will begin producing its first PV modules in small quantities at a 100 MW pilot facility, and is again claiming a superlative: That these will be the most efficient rooftop PV modules in production. The company reports a 22.04% module-level efficiency, as measured by third-party testing provider Renewable Energy Test Center.

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