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InnoLas reports 2014 growth on the back of PERC rollout

German laser systems provider InnoLas Solutions has reported that its 2014 bookings have shown an increase on 2013, on the back of orders for its Ultrafast PERC equipment. It reports bookings of over 1 GW of upgrades in Q1 2015.

The appetite for PERC upgrades amongst PV module manufacturers continues to drive production equipment orders. InnoLas has reported growing orders in 2014 and a strong start to 2015.


In particular manufacturers are deploying the InnoLas Ultrafast PERC process, for Laser Contact Opening (LCO) for PERC production. The process is enabled through InnoLas ILM-2 laser system.


Our investments in R&D are paying off, said InnoLas CEO Markus Nicht. We are the technology leader in advanced PV manufacturing processes like PERC and cell cutting. These process steps offer a cost effective way to increase solar cell efficiency and thus give our customers a competitive edge. Nicht added that the company has been able to take itsprocesses from the laboratory into 24/7 production.


InnoLas has not provided revenue figures for 2014.

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