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Solar capacity in Italy passes the 10GW mark

Installed solar capacity in Italy has passed the 10GW mark and will reach 12GW by the end of 2011, according to the Italian network agency, Gestore Servizi Energetici (GSE).


In spite of the confusion surrounding the cuts to its feed-in tariff earlier in the year, Italy has still managed to connect 6.5GW to the grid in 2011, leaving the country poised to leapfrog Germany as the world's leading solar market.


Changes to Italy’s Conto Energia renewables bill have resulted in fluctuating installation figures over the past year or so. However, while the passing of Conto Energia III and IV were accompanied by a drop in capacity installed from the halcyon days of Conto Energia II, the fall off has not been nearly as dramatic as the one witnessed in rival markets.


GSE claim there are currently over 270,000 photovoltaic systems in operation across the peninsula, and it forecasts that this figure will rise to 350,000 over the next four months, taking capacity past the 12GW mark in the process.


The regions of Puglia, Lombardy and Veneto have been driving much of this growth, with Puglia’s 17,812 systems accounting for 1.68GW of the total figure. Lombardy and Veneto have installed 993MW and 894MW respectively.

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